The Idea

When my parents Muriel and Victor Brown died they left some money to the Miriam Dean Trust in 1993. This was used to drill a borehole in the village of Gwava in the Masvingo region of Zimbabwe.

I wanted so much to visit this village, but it is way out from the tourist routes and I had difficulty in sorting out transport. Then Jill Dando, who featured on the BBC television holiday programmes before she was sadly killed, visited Zimbabwe and I contacted her for advice. She put me in touch with the holiday company who arranged her tour and they sorted out the location and the necessary transport for me. So it was that in June 1999 I set off with eight suitcases of wool, knitting needles, childrenís clothes and toys little knowing that this would be the first journey of many ...

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These are my projects to date:

June 1999:
Extended my parentsí irrigation system to the vegetable fields Gwava village, Zimbabwe

November 1999:
Borehole at Mihwa village Zimbabwe

October 2000:
Boreholes at Nezmbe and Chirove villages, Zimbabwe

June 2003:
Boreholes at Mutoredzanwa and Masvingise villages, Zimbabwe

March 2004:
Boreholes at childrenës refuge camp Lango, Lira, and Nyakatonzi School Kasese, Uganda

January 2006:
Boreholes at Bondolfi mission and Mpambe village, Zimbabwe

Chivi village Masvingo 2011:
Nyameni Secondary school, Marondera
Nyameni Primary school, Marondera
Dombotombo Methodist church, Marondera
(Money raised by Berkley Street Methodist Church, St Neots)