FROM STONES TO WATER is a project started single-handedly by Daphne Brown in June 1999 to help villagers in desperate need in two African countries where there is no water supply. To date she has raised enough money to supply 30 boreholes and where possible she has visited the villages in person to see how life was before and after the water supply was installed.

An added bonus is that the villagers are able to use the water supply to irrigate crops, which in turn can be sold to pay for the childrenís education, as well as providing a nutritious food supply.

Large stones marking the spot

The name of the project was inspired by the process of installing a borehole in Zimbabwe. Once a surveyor finds the location of the best water supply, sometimes hundreds of feet below the ground, the local people lay a pile of large stones to mark the spot where the borehole is to be dug.

Retired headteacher and has now worked for 13 years as a counsellor in Primary Care at a GPís surgery, in Hertfordshire, as well as working in a local hospice. Daphne is continuing her fund raising work.

She is always happy to visit groups or schools to show her videos and talk about her project, providing they are reasonably near to Hertfordshire. There is no fixed charge for these visits - just a contribution towards her work and also the refund of her travelling expenses.

For more information, or if you wish to donate please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.